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Did you know the?University of Toronto has its own?library dedicated to?the Studies of East Asia?

The Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library is located on the eighth floor of Robarts Library. It? contains rich materials covering various topics in relation to China, Japan, Korea and Tibet, as well as in Asian Canadian studies. You can find publications written in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Tibetan on literature, history, religion, international relations, arts, pop cultures, social sciences and more. The Mu Rare Books Collection and? Tibetan Collections within the library also offer precious historical primary sources unique to this library. With over 600,000 volumes of print publications and a variety of scholarly?electronic resources, it is one of the most extensive East Asian Studies collections in North America.

The library is open for all to use, no TCard check is required.?And if you are still hesitant about visiting, you can learn more about the library by watching the video below.

This video?is composed of an interview with Hana Kim, the director of the Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library, along with a visual tour of the library to give you a sense of what it can offer you. Much more remains to be?seen and it is?up to you to discover it.


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